Welcome to personal Time Capsule

What we do can be described in a single sentence. Personal Time Capsule keeps you close to the people you love, alive or deceased.

Sooner or later there comes a time when you'll be missing out on important events in your family`s life. As painful as this is for you, it is far worse for them.

Now imagine being able to leave your loved ones a message for each of these occasions. What would you say to your son on his 16th birthday or your daughter on her wedding day? How would you like it if your grandchildren got to know you through the videos you made for them, instead of the old photo albums?

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· Stay connected to your loved ones through time released videos, pictures and information

· Create a timeline for events in the past, present and future

· Tell the story behind family heirlooms

· Keep detailed medical history for the sake of present and future generations 

· Share your timeline with loved ones